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The following committees serve at the pleasure of the Crystal Lakes Road and Recreation Association (CLRRA) Board of Directors. All final decisions are the responsibility of the CLRRA Board of Directors.


Architectural Control Committee

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) ensures compliance by all property owners of all the protective Covenants of Crystal Lakes, in all filings or areas of the subdivision. The ACC has the duty to protect the integrity and aesthetic value of Crystal Lakes by architectural control. The committee ensures all construction is harmonious with the physical character of the area in which it is situated.


Finance Committee 

The Finance Committee helps the CLRRA Board of Directors to provide fiancial oversight for the Association including; budgeteing, financial planning, fiancial reporting, the creation and moitoring of internal controls and accountability policies inlcuding best practices.  The Committee serves in an advisory capacity only and all final decisions are the responsibility of the CLRRA Board of Directors.


Fire Pit Inspection Committee

The Fire Pit Inspection Committee develops specifications for the construction of safe and enjoyable fire pits that are accomplishable by property owners at minimal cost and effort.


Fishing Board

The Fishing Board protects, manages, and enhances the Crystal Lakes recreational fishery resources and associated riparian areas.


Greenbelt Management Committee

The Greenbelt Management Committee (GMC) maintains and enhances the health and beauty of approximately 563 acres of greenbelt and its forests, wetlands and trails.


Hearing Panel Commitee

The Hearing Panel provides an opportunity for the members to appeal officially filed complaints brought forth by the Crystal Lakes Road and Recreation Association (CLRRA), the Crystal Lakes Water and Sewer Association (CLWSA), a particular committee, or staff member.  


Newsletter Committee

The purpose of the Newsletter Committee is to publish information to the property owners requested by the Road and Recreation Board, Water and Sewer Board, committees, the general manager and office, and to report events of interest. The Newsletter Committee facilitates the flow of information, promotes high standards and ethical behavior, fosters excellence and encourages diversity.


Policy and Documents Committee

The Policy and Documents Committee reviews and updates various policies and documents as directed by the Crystal Lakes Road and Recreation Association (CLRRA) and Joint Board.  


Recreation and Hiking Committee

The Recreation and Hiking Committee provides recreational opportunities, other than fishing, to property owners and their guests.


Road Committee

The Road Committee evaluates the status of the roads within Crystal Lakes and develops a prioritized list of needed road maintenance and improvements to be recommended to the Crystal Lakes Road and Recreation Association (CLRRA) Board of Directors.


Saftey and Compliance Committee

The Saftey and Compliance Committee discourages trespass by non-members of Crystal Lakes and promotes safety within the fifteen filings of Crystal Lakes by its members and guests, using non-confrontational means.

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