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Neighborhood Watch Program  Update: 

Crystal Lakes Neighborhood Watch Program (CLNWP) UPDATE


Property Owners-


Thanks to all who attended Susan Vance's Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP) workshop. Also a special thanks to Susan and Deputy Rankin. We are are so appreciative to you both. 


We'd like to hear your thoughts on neighborhood safety and preparedness! Many of you have reached out to me directly and my apologies to those I haven't been able to return inquiries to. I think it best at this point, to set up another meeting regarding the CLNWP and also issues related to preparedness.


Quick back story on my involvement and why I think this is important.

My family has been coming up to CL for about 12 years. We started as weekend/special occasion short-term renters. We continued that for about a decade until we finally had the presence of mind to purchase property. In that tenure, I have witnessed a number of changes in the neighborhood. I'm sorry to say that most of the noticeable changes haven't been particularly positive. Once I got tuned in to the weekly updates and special announcements the fabulous office staff produces so well, I came to the conclusion that we may be on the verge (or already passed it) of letting much of what is dear about CL fade away. That's not good for anyone.


From the break-ins, the dumpster problems, the speeding/fishing violations, and so on; I began to realize that something had to be done. As luck would have it, I noticed in one of the weekly newsletters that the office staff asked if anyone was interested in starting this program up. So here I am. Having been on the "short term renter side" and now on the "property owner side", I hope I have a good sense of the varying opinions and topics pertinent to this issue.

Already having a "Blue" family (top, down and sideways), I was compelled by my own sense of duty to help get this ball rolling.  I certainly have my own personal ideas about specific action items to move forward, but that's not my role right now. 

As a non-full-timer (we are in early building/planning stages for our parcel), I cannot do this alone. I need your help and I value your opinions.


Thanks to Susan's helpful outlines on safety and security, I think we are all ready to have what I'd like to deem as a "Brainstorming Session".

We have so many varying opinions and suggestions that its prudent now to hear from you, the property owners!


Much of starting and running a successful CLNWP is going to be dependent on everyone's involvement. We have a unique community in many ways.

Not the least of which is the occupancy spectrum. From full timers, all the way down to vacant lots, we have it all. This means that there are

a number of opinions (which can clash from time to time and that's okay) and ideas that I think we need to hear.


As an example, I have been hearing from many of you ideas about: cameras, gates, Filling Captains, Law Enforcement response time capabilities,

speeding violations/tickets, fishing violations, unregistered vehicles of all types, and so on.


I have also come to realize in this process that many of us want to merge emergency preparedness into this program. I'm not privy to all the historical

details as far as what has been done in CL to date, but at least on a superficial level, I'm not aware of any solid preparedness plan in place. I know that wildfire has been a prime topic and many folks have individual plans, but what about a neighborhood plan? What about scenarios aside from wildfire, such as flooding, other natural disasters, terrorism, grid failure, etc.? 


This could certainly be a separate org of homeowners, but I've had multiple conversations with folks recently about the desire for this as well, so we should at least  discuss the potential of merging these ideas with NHW and/or starting something separate for those interested.


In order to build on Susan's talk and turn it into action, we need to hear from everyone who cares to chime in. Then we can take those ideas and opinions and come up with as best a consensus as possible on what areas we'd like to focus our efforts moving forward. Obviously some of these actions can/would require Association funds and that will be one of our biggest challenges. Like most worthy endeavors, this is going to need good old fashion grass root/volunteer elbow grease. However, eventually we will likely need some sanction and dollars from one or both of the Associations.


So I'd like to hold a meeting in the relatively near future (before Halloween hopefully) to get this done. I will chair this meeting at Basecamp. Bring your ideas, suggestions, thoughts. This is not a venting session for all the wrongs you want to complain about! This is to offer up concrete and actionable suggestions to help keep us all happy, safe and secure. We will never all agree of every exact detail (welcome to America), what we can do is get a workable consensus on items/actions to move forward. If a property owner decides to turn their "floor time" into a venting session, I will  politely ask you to refrain. I value all of your time and mine as well, so please lets keep this cordial and constructive. For those of you who might not be able to attend, I will work with the office staff to figure out a method (aside from just emailing me directly) to get your thoughts heard as well.





If you are interested in participating in the Neighborhood Watch Program the ADHOC committee chaired by Ben Friesen would love to have you.  Please contact the office for more information.


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