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Agenda for the R & R Board meeting on September 15, 2018
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Neighborhood Watch Program  Update: 

There were almost 40 Crystal Lakes residents who attended Saturday's Neighborhood Watch program. It lasted 2 hours, and hopefully I was able to answer everyone's questions. Nate Rankin (9E56) was also there from LCSO. Ben Friesen will be looking to coordinate anything further. In my experience, most neighborhoods are loosely formed and just maintain communication on current events, and others have monthly meetings. It will be up to you on how you would like to proceed. Ben will be the "go-to" person.


I am attaching the handout from the meeting. It is generally about crime prevention in rural areas. There is also a study that was done at another HOA about dealing with traffic (speeding) problems within a subdivision (private property). As you will see, it is a Conundrum. There are also links to websites if you want more info such as the Crime Map which shows where activity has been in Crystal Lakes and surrounding areas. One thing we talked about at the meeting was that there were only 34 calls in the past 12 months. We know that more is happening, but it is common that people don't call it in. Please report crime and/or suspicious circumstances when you see them. A strange car at your neighbor's vacant cabin might be an invitee, or they may be casing for a crime. If you don't know which, call your neighbor to let them know.....and if you cannot get a hold of them, call LCSO, and provide as much info as you can. And remember, Neighborhood Watch is not just about crime. Many times a neighbor has saved a life just because they noticed something unusual (e.g.: you haven't seen your neighbor for a few days, but you are sure they are home? Have they fallen and can't get to help?).

Susan Vance

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