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The Greenbelt Committee (G.C.) Tree Program

The Greenbelt Committee (G.C.) Tree Program is led by Carmel Mawle in an effort to help diversify our forest. With tree species diversity, it is hoped that insect infestations such as pine beetle which attacked so many Lodge Pole Pine won’t be so devastating. Different species are sensitive to different insects and the species that have been offered by the State Forest Service Nursery will help our subdivision over time.  The G.C. was going to order some trees for their planting efforts in some greenbelt areas this spring and decided that it really would like to share this opportunity with property owners. The minimum order is 30 trees of any species which would make it difficult for a property owner to diversify the trees on their property, so Carmel was able to setup the lot orders into five trees per lot. Where possible the G.C. will balance out the private orders with their order.



Cheryl Poage


Tree Order Deadline is January 11, 2020

2020 Tree Order Form
2020 Tree Order Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [90.7 KB]

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