The CLRRA Covenant and Rules Enforcement Policy helps the Board to enforce our rules and regulations in a fair and consistent manner. The policy contains notice and hearing procedures which must be followed prior to the Association imposing fines for covenants and rules violations, schedule of fines which may be assessed, and a fair and impartial fact finding process concerning whether the alleged violation actually occurred and whether the owner is the one who should be held responsible for the violation. The property owner will receive notice and an opportunity to be heard before an impartial decision maker. 


From time to time, the Board, or its agents, including the CLRRA Management staff, may do property inspections to determine if violations of the governing documents have occurred. Additionally, any member of the CLRRA may file a written complaint identifying: the complainant; the alleged violator, if known; address of the property where the violation occurred, where appropriate; and detailing time, date and nature of the alleged violation. The complaint is to be submitted to the Board of Directors, which will then take the necessary steps to investigate the complaint and if warranted, issue a violation notice. Nonwritten complaints or written complaints failing to include any information required by this section may not be investigated or prosecuted.


A Violation Observation Form must be completed with the elements as outlined above and should reference the section of the governing document or rule allegedly violated. The form is to be sent to the Board of Directors for investigation.

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