Slash Depot

The Crystal Lakes Slash Depot is now open for the season!

Crystal Lakes Slash Depot is located at County Road 73-C, Red Feather Lakes, CO. Slash Depot is a slash and log collection sight subsidized by the Crystal Lakes Road and Recreation Association, for use by Crystal Lakes Property Owners in good standing and open to the public.

Slash and logs will be collected to a mass, a commissioned timber products contractor will then grind the material and remove it from the mountain in the form of chips.

Saturday and Sunday   10 AM to 4 PM

$6.00/cu.yd. for Crystal Lakes Property Owners
$10.00/cu.yd. for the general public

An on-site Crystal Lakes employee will measure and calculate the load in cubic yards and collect the fee.   Credit card, debit card or check only will be accepted.  NO CASH! Fee must be paid in full prior to dumping.

Crystal Lakes Property Owners must provide their Filing and Lot numbers. Fishing Badges are the recommended form of proof of I.D.

Slash Depot will accept clean slash, and logs of any length up to 4-inches in diameter. They will accept pine needles if free of dirt.  No building materials, rocks, metal, or household trash of any kind will be accepted.


Property owners must contact the Crystal Lake Office (970) 881-2250, with the following information in order for their contractor to use the slash site.

  • Contractor name
  • Date of slash hauling
  • Filing and lot number
  • Property owner name
  • Number of loads

This information must be on the contractor list for that specific date. The contractor may pay the dumping fee or the property owner can accompany them and pay the fee.

Illegal dumping will be subjected to fines established in the Crystal Lakes Policies.  Crystal Lakes reserves the right, at our discretion, to remove slash dumping privileges to members and the public.

All funds collected will be used for the total operation and improvement of the Crystal Lakes Slash Depot.

We continue to be excited about this endeavor and look forward to working with members and the public to achieve another successful and productive slash season.

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