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July 2017

CLRRA Board of Directors Monthly E-Newsletter



Welcome New Board Members


I want to take this opportunity to welcome our three new Board members -- Andrew Burt (Treasurer), Jim McConnell (At Large), and Steve Dirmeyer (Secretary) -- who join Cheryl Poage (Vice President) and myself on the governing body of the Crystal Lakes Road & Recreation Association.  Volunteering as a Board member is a valuable and rewarding experience as it provides an opportunity to serve our fellow neighbors while protecting and enhancing the assets of the community. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your President and have a safe and enjoyable summer!


Bryon Fessler, CLRRA President

Annual Treasurer's Report

Bryon Fessler, Former CLRRA Treasurer 


Those of you in attendance at the Annual Meeting heard firsthand the State of the Association with respect to our finances. Property owners have a reason to celebrate and here is a summary of the information in report card format: 

  • Transition (A). An unbelievable amount of volunteer time went into the transition without compensation of any kind.  Equally important, our new manager underwent a transition "trial by fire" and survived to tell the tale. 
  • Audit (A). There were no internal control violations and no material audit adjusting entries (compared to numerous violations and entries in 2014).
  • Operating Reserves (A). The HOA best practice is to have at least three months operating in our accounts.  We spend between $40,000 and $50,000 per month and at year end, we had $142,311 so we are right on track (compared to $75,000 in 2014).
  • Financed Equipment (A+). We have no financed equipment (compared to $110,000 in 2014).
  • Deferred Maintenance (C). We are carrying about $189,000 in deferred maintenance (compared to $350,000 in 2014).  Of that amount, approximately $88,000 is for the Dump Truck and the remainder is for the Shop ($42,000), Community Center ($20,000) and Wapiti Center ($39,000).
  • Special Assessments (A+). We have no special assessments (compared to four special assessments in 2014).
  • Reserve Shortfall (C). We are still trying to make up for the estimated $522,000 reserve shortfall that happened over a decade.  The Board made full reserve contributions these past two fiscal years and extra contributions that resulted from some belt-tightening exercises. 
  • Reserves (C+). We need $1,094,879 in reserves to be considered fully funded and we have $803,407 (compared to $300,000 in 2014).  If we subtract the deferred maintenance ($189,000) from our total reserves we have $614,407 in reserves.  That means that we are still short $480,472 or nearly 300 per property owner.  
  • Overhead Fee (A). We implemented this HOA best practice last fiscal year.  The fee covers the shared expenses where the employees work and take their breaks along with the additional accounting, auditing, maintenance, and reserve requirements that CLRRA incurs on behalf of CLWSA.
  • Prepaid Assessments (B).  As of last month, we have $12,128 in prepaid assessments.  This number is a little high and it reflects on the financials as a liability.
  • Delinquent Accounts (B). We have 48 property owners who are delinquent in their assessments which represents three percent of the total property owners (the HOA best practice); however, the amount is still too high, currently $62,837 (compared to over $100,000 in 2014). 
  • Owner Education (A+). State law requires the Association to provide education to owners at no cost as to the general operations of the Association and the rights and responsibilities of owners. The Board includes owner education in almost every monthly newsletter and at the Annual Meeting.   

I believe that homeowners get from their community what they are willing to put into it themselves.  It has been an honor and privilege for me to serve as your Treasurer these past two years. 

Property Owner Responsibilities


Per the CLRRA Administrative Policy, property owners are responsible for all the actions of their guests, and for the admittance and exiting of such guests.  Unaccompanied guests must have a current letter of permission from the property owner.  Renters and persons who have been leased a property are considered to be guests.  Property owners are required to display Crystal Lakes' vehicle stickers on the front windshield, passenger side, lower corner.  Unaccompanied guests must stop by the Office and pick up a yellow visitor sticker.  These actions enable our staff, volunteers, and fellow property owners to know who is authorized to be in our private community.  Remember, security is a shared responsibility so please follow the rules that have been in effect for decades.     

Thunderstorm Safety


Warm weather usually means fun in the sun, but summer heat also can bring severe weather. Threatening thunderstorms often loom large on summer afternoons so it's important to be prepared for downpours and accompanying lightning, which can strike outdoors or indoors. Consider the following suggestions when planning both outdoor and indoor events this summer to reduce the risk of a lightning strike. 

  • Watch the weather. Pay attention to your local weather forecast before participating in outdoor activities. If there's a chance of thunderstorms, consider rescheduling or moving events indoors. If that's not possible, have an emergency plan in place in case a severe storm rolls in and designate a sufficient nearby structure as an emergency shelter.
  • Stay inside. If severe thunderstorms are imminent, go indoors and wait until they pass. Safe, enclosed shelters include homes, schools, offices, shopping malls and vehicles with hard tops and closed windows. Open structures and spaces do not provide adequate protection.
  • Duck and crouch. If you're caught outside during a severe storm, it's important to crouch low on the ground, tuck your head and cover your ears to help protect yourself from harm. Do not lie down; lightning strikes can produce extremely strong electrical currents that run along the top of the ground, and laying horizontally increases electrocution risk.
  • Turn off faucets. During a thunderstorm, lightning can sometimes be conducted through the plumbing. Avoid any type of contact with running water, including bathing, showering, and washing your hands, dishes, or clothes.
  • Turn off electronics. All electrical appliances-televisions, computers, laptops, gaming systems, stoves, and more-that are plugged into an electrical outlet could carry a current from a lightning strike. Surge protectors will reduce the risk of damaging electronics.
  • Stay away from windows. Not only is lightning a threat, but high winds and hail create flying debris that could be harmful during a thunderstorm. Close all windows and doors and keep away from them. 

Architectural Requirements


For two years now, the Board has been reviewing updates to the Crystal Lakes Architectural Requirements and we are nearing the finish line.  This guide, as a set of polices approved by the Board of Directors, is a supplement to the Governing Documents. It draws on recommendations of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) in combination with State legislation, and policies, procedures, and rules that have been adopted by the Board of Directors of Crystal Lakes. The 2017 revision will supersede all previous ACC guidelines; however, previously approved structures will still remain approved. 


The ACC has the duty to protect the integrity, and property values in Crystal Lakes. The requirements are intended for that purpose. Owners of all properties must adhere to the building codes and zoning ordinances of Larimer County, the applicable regulations of State and County Health agencies, the rules of CLRRA, the rules and guidelines of the ACC, and the Crystal Lakes Covenants.  The Committee's goal is to ensure that all construction is architecturally harmonious with the physical character of the area in which it is situated. Owners are advised and welcomed to meet with the Committee prior to submitting completed plans to assist in meeting the requirements.


Property owners will have an opportunity to provide written comments on the proposed policy changes before they are approved.  

Governing by Representation


Community associations are a representative form of government founded on the principle of elected individuals representing the people. Much of our country is based on the principles of representative democracy. It starts with organizations like community associations and progresses through our schools boards, city governments, county governments, state governments -- all the way to the federal government. We vote for a person, or persons, who will act on our behalf.


Some might advocate that a board should not take action without a vote of the members to find out what the people want. That would be counter-productive. If association members were to vote on every issue before a decision was made, there would be no need for a board, but simply someone to send out ballots and tally results. However, boards find out what their constituents want in other ways. Many make time to hear from residents at each board meeting but it's up to you to attend meetings, voice your opinions and participate in the exchange of ideas with the board. We also encourage your involvement and participation. Perhaps you would consider joining a committee. We want your input, ideas, thoughts and opinions. 


When the season for community association annual meetings and annual board elections approaches, consider carefully which candidates you select -- including yourself. Consider running for the board to help shape the future of your community.

Memorial Weekend Summer Breakfast

Terri Meadows, Recreation & Hiking Committee Chairperson


The Kick-Off to Crystal Lakes Summer Fun was held Saturday, May 27.  It always starts after the Flag Raising Ceremony @ 9:30 am.  Once again it was a well attended event with 160+ community members.  The Recreation Committee puts together a great menu of ham, fruit, egg casseroles, juice, coffee and the husbands make pancakes!  It's always a great gathering of community neighbors and friends who haven't seen each other since last summer, sometimes!  If you weren't able to join us this year, perhaps next year.  Or attend one of our summer events planned this summer.  The schedule is on the Crystal Lakes website or pick up one the calendars in the office.

Recent Board Decisions

  • Approve the contract from Bullseye Builders, LLC for $22,500 (not to exceed), payable from reserves, for the final phase of the Community Center renovation project. 
  • Not offer any fishing passes or any other bartering for our services in exchange for labor cost reductions.
  • Approve the amended Dues, Fees and Fines Schedule for FY 2017-2018.
  • Accept CLWSA's payment of $4,000 for past collection billing errors from October 2014 to May 2017 and split all future foreclosure invoices 50/50 between the two Associations.
  • Reappoint Bryon Fessler, Bob Rogers, and Tom Finley to [the Fishing Board for] 3-year terms and to appoint Doug Schwartz to a 2-year term.
  • Appoint Janet Stellema to the Security Committee.
  • Authorize sale of 2010 Ford F-250 pickup for $6,600.


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