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President's Report


The Starlight Regatta was a huge success with 16 participating craft!  There were fishing boats, canoes, kayaks, a paddle boat, and a pontoon boat; with people decorating their craft and/or their bodies.  I think the line of onlookers was far larger than the number of participants but it was loads of fun, and many are already planning for next year!

Great Staff- Our staff has been working very hard this year as the number of people coming to Crystal Lakes has increased substantially!  I want to thank our staff for all of their work and efforts to meet the needs of people in the office and the field staff for all of the efforts with the roads and the compactor.  With rain and so many vehicles on the roads, our roads can be degraded in ONE day and with so many miles to maintain, it is definitely a struggle. When you encounter staff, please tell them thank you, they need your support!

Injunction - Crystal Lakes Road and Recreation Association has been served with a notice for a motion for Injunctive Relief to keep members from using the Bear Gulch Easement to get to the national forest and a request for a clear title.  At the July Board meeting, the Board voted to respond to this motion in an attempt to preserve the Association's long standing right to the easement. This is Crystal Lake's primary access to the national forest and an amenity that needs to be preserved for all property owners.

Security - We continue to have people fishing illegally, theft of fishing passes, speeding, placing destructive items in the dumpster, illegal burning in unapproved fire pits and in adjacent national forest areas, making disparaging remarks to staff and to our mitigation contractors.  All of this leads to degradation of the harmony we have known in the past. Neighborhood policing is one of the best ways to deal with this.

Neighborhood Watch Program - if you have experience in working with this program and would like to help get this started in Crystal Lakes, please contact the office.

Mitigation/Shaded Fuel Break Grant - Work is continuing with this project and we are in the process of changing the restoration portion for the forester and other scientists to take over this phase of the grant. Please watch for their equipment on the roads. They are continuing at this time on Tract 13F. Access to the northern portion of this Tract is still under evaluation.  We even have a property owner volunteering some access!

Capital Projects - Bryon Fessler has been working with firms in Fort Collins to draft plans for the remodel of the maintenance facility and the west end of Base Camp.  These facilities are in desperate need of the remodel for safety and usability. We hope to be in the bid phase before long.


Fishing Passes No Longer Available After Hours

Unfortunately the Board has voted to remove the after hours fishing passes due to multiple thefts. While we regret this decision we have to protect property owner assets and can't allow this to continue. Passes may be purchased in advance and I would encourage any property owner who has guests coming up to fish to plan ahead to avoid a Sunday/Monday problem.

Crystal Lakes Fire Mitigation

I had the opportunity this weekend to discuss the efforts of the CLRRA Board fire mitigation work done this year with the Fire Chief of Ft Collins.  To say the least, he was impressed and very much in favor of this work.

As an example, he compared the work done on N Ottawa to the work Frisco, CO has done.  He said that because of the mitigation done in Frisco close to 1/2 billion dollars in property damage

was spared in their last wild fire.

I would especially like to Thank Board President Cheryl Poage for her work securing the mitigation grant we are now using.  I find it especially disheartening to hear negative opinions of this important



The End is in sight!  We are wrapping up the last two filings of the CLRRA Board mandated re-inpections.  This project began in 2015 with the Board mandating that all previously approved fire pits be re-inspected.  We even re-inpected  a fire pit that was first approved 17 yrs ago!!

I would especially like to thank the committee members for volunteering their time and talent for this work.   When we started in 2015, CL had about 900 approved fire pits!  Thanks Guys!!

Bob Chesnut
Chair CL Fire Pit Committee

Luau Potluck Party

The 2018 Luau Potluck and Party was another fun event sponsored by the Recreation Committee. Over 100 people attended, colorfully dressed in their Hawaiin shirts and hats and brought the most delicious dishes to share. While the wonderful rain brought the band inside, everyone danced and laughed to the bands great music. Thanks to the Recreation committee and the band and everyone who helped make this big event a huge success.

Our next gathering will be on August 11th for the Annual Poker Run followed by an Ice Cream Social in the Community Center.

August 18th is the Italian Potluck and the band will again play for us to dance off all that pasta!

More info will be in the VIEW on both events. What a great community we have!


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