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CLRRA Board of Directors E-Newsletter
June 3, 2020

New Board of Directors

Crystal Lakes will be getting a new Board of Directors this month with Ken Nickson and Bryon Fessler being elected to the Board. We are delighted that Lala was elected to her first full term, she has proved to be an incredible asset to the Board and is a very productive Board member. Thank you to all who participated in the candidate meetings as we worked our way through the virtual environment.


I would like to thank our outgoing members Bob Chesnut (Secretary) and Jim McConnell (President). Bob was also the chair of the Fire Pit Committee which is vital to the safety of our community and oversaw the revision process for all of our governing documents with Herb Hanlen. Jim was able to help with so many issues, working with Stella Anderson our General Manager and Angela Stevens our Contracted Community Manager along with setting up the video surveillance system at the trash compacter.


The governing documents have been reviewed by our attorney and are awaiting the final revisions which I would like our new Board to review. Once the final Bylaws, CCRs, Policies are completed they will be sent out to the owners to review and then they will be followed by a ballot process prior to adoption. Many state laws have changed and the primary task is to update our documents, bringing us into compliance with changing Division of Regulatory Agency (DORA) requirements as well as other state statutes.

Annual Meeting

We now have to hold a virtual annual meeting, which has never been done before. The annual meeting is required by our bylaws on the second Saturday in June, with each property having one vote. Part of Article XIII below has been included for you review. You will be getting a post card with the date, time, and Zoom link. We had hoped that things would open up more and allow an in person meeting but we need 50 voting members at a minimum to attend. Covid requirements limit meetings to 50, they have to be six feet apart and we do not have the meeting space to accommodate this. PLEASE JOIN US ON ZOOM, JUNE 13th @ 2:00 P.M. with registration starting at 1:00 P.M.


Lou Philippe, the Chair of the Fishing Board, has graciously agreed to present information on our prize winning fishery. Crystal Lake's fishing is private and is primarily funded through guest fishing fees as property owners only pay $10/property/year to support this treasure. Everytime a guest or non-member fishes without the proper pass we are cheating our collective resource. Please review our Fishing Policy at


Board members, Road Committee, and Staff are in the process of developing a Request for Quote (RFQ) for road improvements to Jicarilla Trail and Mosquito Drive. Our staff has 86 miles of roads to maintain with three people along with traffic and weather making theirs a very difficult task, so we are hoping to find other contractors to assist. The Request for Quote should appear on the View soon.

Trash Compacter

Even though the compacter was emptied the Thursday just prior to Memorial Day it was full by that Monday. Is our community creating that much trash over a Holiday weekend or is there another reason for the large volume? Staff will be reviewing the surveillance footage in hopes of finding the answer.

Sapling Project

Carmel Mawle, chair of the Greenbelt Committee arranged for saplings from the State Forest Nursery to be distributed to individuals who placed their orders this past January (840 baby trees were delivered). A BIG thank you as well to Committee members, our staff (Steve and Bill) for setting up the maintenance facility and unloading a truck load of sapling boxes, and our General Manager (Stella) and Office Manager (Rachel) for taking the orders and bringing in necessary supplies


Left to Right: Cheryl Poage, Paula and Tony Luz, and
Bob and Sue Chesnut.

Tony and Paula Luz have been in charge of planting those that were ordered for greenbelts.



SECTION 1. ANNUAL MEETINGS. The annual meeting of the Association shall be held the second Saturday of June of each year at such place and time as the Board may determine. The annual meeting shall be for the purpose of presenting committee reports, and for the transaction of other business as may be indicated in the notice or which may be properly brought before it.

SECTION 4. VOTING AT MEETINGS. Only members who pay membership assessments and whose annual membership assessments (and interest if applicable) are not delinquent shall be entitled to vote at meetings of the Association or by written ballot. Each membership shall be entitled to one (1) vote for each lot owned where dues are paid. That vote may be exercised by any member of the membership unit. It shall be the responsibility of the membership voting unit to confirm that their annual membership assessments are paid. Voting on administrative business at meetings will be verbal or by written ballot, as provisioned in the Colorado Sate Revised Statutes. Voting by proxy is not authorized.

SECTION 7. QUORUM. Fifty memberships, in good standing, present in person shall constitute a quorum at all Association meetings.

Cheryl Poage, 

Crystal Lakes Road & Recreation Association Board President


Crystal Lakes Road & Recreation Association, 300 Tami Road, Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545


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