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Crystal Lakes Road and Recreation Association

Board of Directors Monthly Newsletter

September 2020

The information in this newsletter comes directly from your elected Board of Directors. We want to hear from you and we promise to listen. You can email the entire Board at or by position, as follows:


Bryon Fessler, President (

Lala Jacoby, Vice President (

Steve Dirmeyer, Treasurer (

Ken Nickson, Secretary (

Cheryl Poage, Member at Large (

From the President

A lot of hard work is happening behind the scenes and I want to take this opportunity to update property owners on several happenings: 


Commissioner’s Meeting. Three Board members and the Manager attended the meeting with Commissioner Kefalas on July 23 to discuss our concerns over the illegal shooting that is taking place around the Crystal Lakes subdivision. This is an agenda topic so we will talk about it more then.


USFS Meeting. The Manager and I scheduled a meeting with the USFS on August 14 to discuss several issues. USFS cancelled the meeting due to the Cameron Peak fire. The meeting will be rescheduled for a later date.


CODE 4 Security Services Meeting. I attended a meeting with two representatives from CODE 4 on July 24 to discuss enforcement, calling the Sheriff’s office for all criminal incidents, attention to detail on the logs, and completing the blue violation observation forms. The Manager and I attended a conference call with the Chief Operations Officer and Director of Operations from CODE 4 on August 14 to reiterate these and other items. We have a strong partnership with CODE 4 and are working to improve communications, expectations, and enforcement. 


Field Staff. I had a couple of occasions to interface with the Field Staff, once at Tami Bridge and another time on Lone Pine Drive for a road issue involving a property owner. I was really impressed with the Field Staff’s professionalism and respect for the property owner and with their creative problem solving with respect to Tami Bridge. They are dedicated to Crystal Lakes and committed to saving property owner money whenever possible. Thank you!


Cameron Peak Fire. Finally, I want to take this opportunity to thank the first responders and public safety agencies who are involved in the Cameron Peak fire. They are doing everything possible to protect lives and property and our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time. If you are not already signed up to receive reverse 911 calls to your cell phone, please do so right away at Thank you and stay safe. 


Bryon Fessler, CLRRA President

Covenants and Rules Enforcement Polic

One of the Board’s goals for FY2020-2021 was to create a Covenant and Rules Enforcement Policy to help enforce our rules and regulations in a fair and consistent manner. That goal was achieved when the Board approved the new policy at the meeting on August 15, 2020. The Association is required by State law to have a Covenants and Rules Enforcement Policy. The new policy contains the following: 1) Notice and hearing procedures which must be followed prior to the Association imposing fines for covenants and rules violations, 2) schedule of fines which may be assessed, and 3) fair and impartial fact finding process concerning whether the alleged violation actually occurred and whether the owner is the one who should be held responsible for the violation. The owner will receive notice and an opportunity to be heard before an impartial decision maker (e.g., Hearing Panel). The schedule of fines in the new policy will replace the fines in the Dues, Fees, and Fines Schedule except for the $1,000 fines for unauthorized fires and hunting, trapping, or shooting in Crystal Lakes. These fines will remain in effect until the Board has a chance to consult with the Association’s attorney. The new policy is on the website under the Documents tab (

Ad Hoc OHV and National Forest Access Committee

Another one of the Board’s goals for FY2020-2021 was to create an Ad Hoc OHV and National Forest Access Committee. The Board created this committee at the meeting on August 15, 2020 and now we need some property owners to serve on it. We are specifically looking for property owners that have knowledge and history of the following: 1) historical use of OHVs to access the forest from within Crystal Lakes, 2) maps showing this access, 3) knowledge of private landowners in northern Colorado who have OHV access from their properties into the forest, and 4) any other information that would be applicable to the goal of having OHV access into the forest from within Crystal Lakes. The Board's goal is to finalize this issue once and for all. That finalization may come in the form of a property owner vote but that it is still too early to determine at this point. Please contact the CLRRA President ( if you are willing to serve on this committee or if you have knowledge and history that will help in this effort. Thank you!


Also, it has been brought to the Board's attention that USFS recently fell a number of trees on the 195 forest road just north of the Bear Gulch Easement. The Board plans to address this unsafe practice with USFS as soon as possible. On the surface, this unsafe practice seems to restrict the access (foot, bicycle, and/or horse) that was recently ordered by the court.




Quarterly Discussions with Property Owners

Another one of the Board's goals for FY2020-2021 was to implement quarterly discussions with property owners. The Board held the first quarterly discussion on August 1, 2020 in the form of an Emergency Town Hall Meeting to Discuss Safety and Compliance Issues. That discussion resulted in the need to schedule several working sessions with the Safety and Compliance Committee to discuss how we protect our volunteers and address things such as a security assessment, vehicle stickers, guests, guard shack, etc. Working sessions are open to all property owners and they will be live streamed via Zoom. The Board welcomes your ideas for topics to discuss at future quarterly discussions. You can email the entire Board at

Emergency Closure for Recreational Sport Shooting

The CLRRA President participated in a work session with the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) on August 19, 2020 to discuss the emergency closure for recreational sport shooting around the lower filings of the Crystal Lakes subdivision. The illegal shooting has precipitously intensified in recent years to a point where it now jeopardizes the safety of our property owners who have reported bullets passing by their heads or lodged in their homes. The BOCC is consulting with the County Attorney to see if they have the legal authority to institute an emergency ban. There is a question regarding enforcement if the BOCC were to enact such a ban. USFS stated that they too have the power to institute an emergency ban but that they were reluctant to do so preferring to follow the current process, which has taken nearly five years to date. The next step is a site visit with all of the players in early September, depending on the Cameron Peak fire.


Click here to view the work session


Click here to read the article in the Loveland Reporter Herald

Governing Documents

The purpose of a community association’s governing documents is to provide for the legal structure and operation of the community. The documents define the rights and obligations of both the association and its owners; create a binding relationship between each owner and the association; establish the mechanisms for governing and funding the association’s operations; and set forth rules and standards for the protection of both owners and the community, enhancement of property values, and promotion of harmonious living. The general hierarchy of authority for governing documents is a loose one because not all documents address all issues involved in operating a community association. For operating a community association, the general hierarchy of authority among governing documents consists of:


  1. Recorded map, plat, or plan
  2. Declaration; covenants, conditions, & restrictions; master deed; proprietary lease; or occupancy agreement
  3. Articles of incorporation (if incorporated)
  4. Bylaws
  5. Rules and regulations
  6. Other resolutions

Various Updates

V-Plow for the Grader. The Board approved a v-plow for the grader to help with heavy snow removal. The cost is approximately $20,325 and it will come out of reserves.


Base Camp Asphalt. We received three dump loads of crushed asphalt and the Field Staff laid and rolled it in front of the Base Camp parking area. If this wears well, the Board will consider applying it from the entrance at Tami to the trash compactor area. This is only a test at this time and property owner feedback is encouraged.


Part-Time Office Support. Jerry Davis has accepted a year-round part-time position in the Office. Many of you know Jerry from his seasonal part-time position. That leaves one year-round part-time position in the Office so please contact the General Manager if you are interested.


Tami Bridge. The work to replace the planks is on hold due to a delay with CenturyLink moving their cable to the side of the bridge and as a result of a possible evacuation due to the Cameron Peak fire. Additional work is required to install a a piece of steel from the transition from road to bridge to stop the damage to the concrete under the transition.


Trash Compactor. The Board authorized the manager to improve the security of the trash compactor which includes better cameras, poles, and DVR reach back from the trash compactor to the Office for viewing the security footage. The Board has also discussed the need for better fencing and a key pad lock with combo similar to the bathrooms and laundry facility.


Pest Control. Staff is working with John's Pest Control at Base Camp. So far this has involved one pack rat and six mice.


Porta-Potty. The Board approved the purchase and installation of seven porta-potties for use around the Crystal Lakes subdivision in the following locations:

  1. Lower Lone Pine Dam & Reservoir
  2. Crystal Lake - east end
  3. Crystal Lake - west end (ADA)
  4. Catawba Pond
  5. Beaver Pond (ADA)
  6. Otter Pond
  7. Slash Depot

The existing vaults will be dismantled as too many people dump garbage in them which clogs the pipes and prevents dumping. Additionally, many of the vaults have concrete walls that cannot effectively be cleaned to COVID-19 standards. The goal is to use contractors to regular dump and clean the porta-potties.


Base Camp WiFi. Unfortunately, this is on hold. After the work order was submitted, CenturyLink informed the Manager that all of the circuits were full and that either an upgrade (highly unlikely) or cancellation of someone's existing service would be needed.

Special Trash Day

The Board approved a special trash day for property owners on Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 7:30 am to 3 pm. The 30 yard dumpster will be delivered on Saturday by Nunn Better Disposal and picked up the same day at a cost of $800. Please watch the View for more information. There will be no charge for the service and below are items that cannot be discarded in the dumpster:


  • Large furniture items, i.e. sofa etc.
  • Liquids, including paint or oil
  • Large appliances, washers, dryers, refrigerators etc.

Road Maintenance Report

Road maintenance was the number two issue on the recent Property Owner Survey. Here is the report provided by the Manager at the last Board meeting:


  • Nicola Way to Tesuque Trail - prepping road with water, grading, rolling
  • Tami - Weekly Maintenance -prepping road with water, grading, rolling
  • Blackfoot - cleaned culverts and pulled and cleaned ditches
  • Blackfoot - prepping road with water, grading, rolling
  • North Ottawa, Tami Bridget passed Swift Deer - prepping road with water, grading, rolling laid road base
  • Sioux Court - prepping road with water, grading, one culvert replaced, ditches pulled.
  • Ottawa - areas in need, prepping with water, grading, rolling
  • Swift Deer to Cimarron - prepping road with water, grading, rolling


Please be very cautious around the heavy equipment and only pass when you are directed to do so. Safety is everyone's responsibility. Thank you.

Model Code of Ethics for Board Members

CAI developed the Model Code of Ethics for Community Association Board Members to encourage the thoughtful consideration of ethical standards for community leaders. The model code is not meant to address every potential ethical dilemma but is offered as a basic framework that can be modified and adopted by any common-interest community.


Board members should:

  1. Strive at all times to serve the best interests of the association as a whole regardless of their personal interests.
  2. Use sound judgment to make the best possible business decisions for the association, taking into consideration all available information, circumstances and resources.
  3. Act within the boundaries of their authority as defined by law and the governing documents of the association.
  4. Provide opportunities for residents to comment on decisions facing the association.
  5. Perform their duties without bias for or against any individual or group of owners or non-owner residents.
  6. Disclose personal or professional relationships with any company or individual who has or is seeking to have a business relationship with the association.
  7. Conduct open, fair and well-publicized elections.
  8. Always speak with one voice, supporting all duly adopted board decisions—even if the board member was in the minority regarding actions that may not have obtained unanimous consent.


Board members should not:

  1. Reveal confidential information provided by contractors or share information with those bidding for association contracts unless specifically authorized by the board.
  2. Make unauthorized promises to a contractor or bidder.
  3. Advocate or support any action or activity that violates a law or regulatory requirement.
  4. Use their positions or decision-making authority for personal gain or to seek advantage over another owner or non-owner resident.
  5. Spend unauthorized association funds for their own personal use or benefit.
  6. Accept any gifts—directly or indirectly—from owners, residents, contractors or suppliers.
  7. Misrepresent known facts in any issue involving association business.
  8. Divulge personal information about any association owner, resident or employee that was obtained in the performance of board duties.
  9. Make personal attacks on colleagues, staff or residents.
  10. Harass, threaten or attempt through any means to control or instill fear in any board member, owner, resident, employee or contractor.
  11. Reveal to any owner, resident or other third party the discussions, decisions and comments made at any meeting of the board properly closed or held in executive session.

Property Owner Survey - Road Maintenance

The Board is committed to addressing the concerns of our property owners. This is article two in the continuation of that commitment. The top two concerns from the survey were Security and Road Maintenance. These two items were tied for the number of comments. Last month we covered what we had done with Security. Unfortunately, we’ve had to ask the Safety & Compliance Committee to stand-down due to some very unpleasant interactions. We had the Emergency Town Hall meeting on August 1 and gathered lots of great ideas. The Board plans to have a working session with the committee soon to discuss these ideas and develop an action plan. In addition, the President and Manager have met with Code 4 twice to discuss expectations of the employee doing our security.


This month we will cover Road Maintenance. The Manager has been including a report in the Weekly View about what the Field Crew has been working on. We published an RFQ (Request for Quote) for work on Mosquito. Only one vendor bid on the project, Red Feather Excavating. Work will begin this fall and be finished before the end of May 2021. This road (and others) have been neglected for a long time. Owners along here will need to be cognizant of large equipment and be extra cautious. Any closures will be announced in the View and also posted on NextDoor. With 86 miles of roads to take care of, it takes a very long time for the crew to make one pass with the grader. With three staff it would be impossible to hit all these roads in a summer. I have a friend that hadn’t been up here at all in 2019. When they came up before Memorial Day this year, they told me they were so impressed with how good the roads were! Also in casual conversations with other friends, they think the roads also are in better shape than they had been in a long time, especially considering we are in the mountains and the roads are dirt/gravel.


If you’ve ever called the office during the winter, you’ve probably been told there are priorities set for the roads for plowing. The goal is to plow the Primary roads right away (after 5” of snow), then Secondary roads and then if the Primary and Secondary roads are still clear, they will get to the Tertiary roads. However, if you’ve ever been up here during a snowstorm, you know the winds can rearrange things quickly and sometimes the crew never gets finished with the Primary roads! There is a map in the office showing the plowing priorities.


In addition to road work and plowing, our 3 person Field Crew does some minor building maintenance tasks, perform preventive maintenance on the road equipment, push and compact the slash at Slash Depot twice a week, take care of dead trees and spray for thistles along the roadways and in the Greenbelts. The crew also attends weekly safety training to keep themselves and our owners safe. Most recently, many of you may have seen Steve Smith helping out with the credentialing we did last week! Hopefully this helps you understand better the challenges that are faced by our fantastic crew of three when maintaining 86 miles of dirt roads with hundreds of feet of elevation, steep hillsides, trees that fall on the roads and all of us property owners out and about. We also hope this article answered most of your concerns.


Please check the website under Property Owner Survey to see the verbatim responses we got regarding Road Maintenance.

Special Road Project

After years of neglect, Mosquito Road has been chosen for a remake this year from one end to the other. We have a few roads on the list and they will be given attention next year unless we have funds still available this year. The plan is to have the Special Road Project ongoing every year moving forward. If you as property owners feel you have a road that needs real attention, please email the office, attention “Special Road Project” and let us know the reasons why your choice is so special. We still have normal road maintenance ongoing and we are looking for that special road project that is special. The budget for the “Special Road Project” is $80,000 annually and we want to use these funds only on the worst of the worst of roads yearly. As you may or may not have noticed, we have started to lay recycled asphalt down in front of Base Camp as it comes available from the City of Fort Collins. The more they tear up roads, the faster we get the material. The long term plan is to lay asphalt from Tami Road to the mail box area. The plan is less dust and a smoother ride. Please drive in front of the Base Camp responsibly.

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