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CLRRA Board of Directors Monthly E-Newsletter
November 2018


CLRRA is phasing out Fishing punch cards. Please turn them into the Office for conversion to fishing passes no later than May 31, 2019

President's Report  

Subdivision Status


We have had lots of activity for the past ten months and while we are making progress, there have been issues that affect levels of service.  Overall, I have never seen this amount of activity in Crystal Lakes.  The demand for various services impacts our staff significantly, for instance: plugged sewer lines, broken sewer lines, electrical supply issues, phone contractor changes, not enough road base, equipment repairs, various violations, repairs, remodeling outdated facilities, demands from renters which are not the association's responsibility to serve and also impact increased road use, illegal ATVs, and fishing violations, easement ongoing issues, foreclosures for properties that have not paid their dues, and a   significant amount of time and effort to separate the two associations.  All this has been done with reduce staffing levels and reduced funding.


We have reduced expenses as far as we can; unfortunately, without a dues increase; Crystal Lakes will have to reduce services further.  The average that we pay for all of the services we enjoy in Crystal Lakes - fishing, road maintenance, snow removal, trash service, and community facilities is about $40 per month, which is the average monthly trash collection bill in town.


Please keep in mind that dues are the primary revenue source for Crystal Lakes.  We have not started the budget process yet for the next fiscal year but we will in the next 30 days.  In the near future, we will know how much of an increase is needed.


Board of Director Positions

There will be open position(s) on the Board of Directors the next fiscal year, please look for the application information at the end of January.


Mitigation Grant

The mitigation grantor has finished what he can do, there have been significant access problems along with rock formations and very steep terrain which has limited the acreage that could be done.  Contractors will be restoring additional access and landing areas prior to closing out the grant.

Remodel Project Update 10/28/2018


The demolition has started in the basement of the Wapiti Center.  At the Maintenance Shop, the underground plumbing has been installed, the grading is complete for the concrete and the over-framing is done on the roof.  The work for this next week includes, the concrete crew working on Saturday to pour the concrete valley pan on Monday.  Concrete crew is scheduled to be onsite for the remainder of the week.  Also, there is a plumbing inspection scheduled for Monday, then the plumbing will be backfilled, electrician will finish the electrical repairs to the underground circuit at the Maintenance building, roofers are scheduled to be onsite Tuesday, saw cutting of concrete will take place on Monday, demolition will finish in the basement by the middle of the week. 

Project Update Link

Trailer End of the Season Reminder


Summer is gone and everyone should be prepping their trailers for the winter.  For those who have trailers on their unimproved lots (No House), you should be moving your camping trailer or motor home off the mountain now.  Please also remember that motor type vehicles on unimproved lots can't be stored on your lot either in the open.  Boat with trailer, utility trailers, cargo trailers and ATV/UTV trailers may stay on your property.  Boats, canoes & other water craft items may also remain on your property properly stored and out of sight if possible.  Just another reminder, there is a fine imposed for this violation.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Trash Compactor Update

We continue to have issues with our trash compactor. The motor has been replaced but we are now waiting for the electricity hookup that has been disrupted due to construction activity at the shop. I honestly can't understand where all the trash is coming from. The roll-off has been in place for less than a week and it's already over full and this isn't even the busy season. Please limit your use of any of the trash facilities to household trash only. We shouldn't be finding carpet, bags of pine needles or construction debris mixed in with the other trash. Your cooperation is appreciated.

CLRRA 2019-2020 Budget Discussion

As of this writing our current Crystal Lakes Road and Recreation budget for 2018-2019 is not too far off the predictions that were made at the beginning of the budget year and presented to the CLRRA membership at the June 2018 Annual Meeting. Among many other things we have implemented a preventative maintenance program for our equipment which provides for better maintenance which reduces unnecessary wear, which extends the current life of the equipment and further reduces premature/early replacement. Another challenge that we have experienced concerning our roads is the ongoing number of ruts and pot holes that have occurred due to increased utilization of our roadways and the insufficient availability of adequate road base material. That insufficiency is in part due to the lack of adequate funding to purchase the amounts needed because our association is not fully funded.


While road base is a relatively low cost material, the cost of delivery to Crystal Lakes is about five times the cost of the material itself. CLRRA purchased approximately 2000 tons of road base last year at a cost of almost $50,000.  This year we purchased 1720 tons for the same cost. We do not foresee any change in this trend so our costs will continue to increase every year. Our Road Supervisor has provided the Board with an estimation that we should be budgeting for the purchase of 4000-6000 tons of road base every year for the ongoing maintenance of our roadways and to address several of the outlying roads that need additional attention.


Our intention is to educate our property owner's as to the true cost of maintaining the services we currently offer. We all love our mountain community and would like to see it move forward and thrive. We are no longer the small hidden gem in the mountains and as a result we see many, many increased demands for service.

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