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CLRRA Board of Directors E-Newsletter
August 2019


This 'n That


The Board of Director's has directed our attorney to send a letter to the developers of the airport property to notify them that their advertising is misleading and commercial operations like they are proposing are not allowed in this HOA. The letter has been sent but so far no response received.


Code 4 has been retained to provide security in Crystal Lakes two days a week until Labor Day weekend and three days during the Labor Day week. The days will be rotated to provide as broad a range of coverage as possible. They will be focusing on enforcement of all of our CCR's as well as illegal vehicles and ATVs, speeding, and trash and fishing violations. Kevin will also be enforcing fishing violations as well. When available, part-time attendants will also be available to check subdivision entrance locations. 


 Greenbelt Committee: The group is in the process of reorganizing and committee members and volunteers will be needed. The goals will focus on finding individuals to adopt a trail for basic maintenance and interested individuals to assist with greenbelt maintenance.  We will need to identify appropriate mitigation options for some of the smaller greenbelt areas and establish a couple of work days.  Residents will be asked to help with the work and staff will remove the collected slash. The old trail map will be worked on to increase the print quality and the goal is to make trail maps available on the website and a few may be made available in the office.  If you would like to serve on the committee please notify the office.


The Recreation Committee hosted another great event for the community. The Luau was very well attended and the musicians were great and added to the event. The committee members provide a great service and really establish a wonderful sense of community.


Activity on the mountain has definitely increased this year and the office has been very busy.  Thank you for your patience and for your concern for our community! 

Notes From The Fire Pit Committee


I hope you are enjoying our rather wet summer!  This moisture tho provides extra growth to our vegetation.  We can expect a drying out period before the fall rains/snow starts. Hence, it's time to take a look at your fire pit.

A few to look at:

1. Is the 5' zone around the pit cleared of vegetation.  Maybe a hoe, pulling, or use of vegetation killer would do the trick

2. Is the 15' zone around your fire pit well trimmed to prevent embers from starting a fire.

3. Is your fire pit cleaned down to 16"?  This prevents a fire from being over knee high.

4. Have any tree branches crept over the 15" zone.

I really appreciate the high pass rate off inspections this year.  Not only are owners correctly using the Self Inspection forms but the CL Office staff is emphasizing it's ,importance.


Thank You,


Bob Chesnut


CL Fire Pit Committee

Slash Depot


The Slash Depot started out a little slow this year compared to last year.  It has picked up and more property owners have been cleaning up the fire danger lying on the ground around their property.  I have seen neighbors cleaning up their next door neighbor's property just to help reduce their own risk of a fire spreading.  We property owners all need to look at the surrounding slash lying on the ground and make an attempt to clean it up just to make our property look well maintained.  If nothing else, it's good exercise.  


There are notices that have gone out to property owners about cleaning up the fire danger on their property.  Please follow through with the Associations request.  Most of the request were and are long overdue.  The last event we want to happen here in Crystal Lakes is a fire and one that is fueled to spread fast. We here at Crystal Lakes are getting into contact with Senator Cory Gardner through Dan Betts, Regional Director about getting separate property owner's grants for slash clean-up.  We have just started the process and hoping for something soon.  More information to come as we get it.


In the meantime, please continue or start cleaning the slash and down trees off your property.  

Thank you.


Compliance Log Summary

The following letters have been sent to property owners for covenant violations. 


1 - Improperly installed culvert 

1 - Unlicensed vehicle on property

2 - Illegal temporary structures

3 - Fishing violations

2 - ACC violations

1 - Illegal fire pit

105 - Slash/nuisance violations

10 - Trash violations


Just as a reminder, the HOA and/or their representatives will not trespass on private property to enforce covenants. All letters to property owners are a result of visual inspections done from our roads or green spaces. We thank all of you for doing what you can to keep our community safe and attractive for all owners and visitors.


On another note, when the compactor was full and shut down a couple of weeks ago we had some folks pitch their garbage over the fence. They have or will be receiving letters but I want to thank the 95% of property owners that chose to take their trash back with them instead of creating a huge mess.  We all have a responsibility to keep our community clean and safe and the Board of Directors thanks you for your efforts.

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