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CLRRA Board of Directors Monthly E-Newsletter
May 2017

Owner Education


The Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA) requires Associations to provide education to owners at no cost on at least an annual basis as to the general operations of the Association and the rights and responsibilities of owners, the Association, and its Executive Board under Colorado Law. To comply with the law, the Board provides owner education at the Annual Meeting. Additionally, the Board includes owner education in almost every monthly newsletter.  

Thank a Volunteer!


Doing good may be its own reward, but most volunteers would probably agree that it's also nice to be recognized for the time, effort, and commitment they put into serving others-particularly in what can sometimes seem to be thankless roles. Members of our community devote their energy and enthusiasm to making our community the very best it can be by serving on the Board, a committee, and on neighborhood projects. Additionally, volunteers help keep assessments down as every hour of volunteer work is an hour of salary the Association does not have to pay a service provider or staff member.  As volunteers, your neighbors invest their time in projects that benefit you. No association can thrive without them, so let them know you appreciate their efforts. 

Security is Everyone's Responsibility


Community Associations have a responsibility to protect the investments of the community members and the Board is following several "best practices" to accomplish this task.  Since community security is not a one-size-fits-all venture, the Association as a multipronged approach to security including:


  • Volunteers.  The Board asked the Manager to solicit additional volunteers to be part of the Security Committee whose purpose is to utilize volunteers, staff and others to discourage trespass by non-members of Crystal Lakes, and promote safety within the community, for property owners and guests, using non-confrontational means.  One of the main responsibilities of this committee is to staff the security check point within the Community boundaries and maintain roving security check points throughout the subdivision to insure that all vehicles have members stickers or guest passes. 
  • Paid Security.  The Board recently approved the hiring of part-time staff for the sole purpose of security from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  We have a total of 30 hours of paid security time available per week through the summer with pay rates from $15 per hour up to $17 for candidates with prior security experience.  Please see the latest View from Crystal Lakes for more information.
  • New Vehicle Stickers and OHV Plates.  The Board adopted several new ideas to standardize the expiration dates on vehicle stickers and OHV plates, like what is already done on fishing badges.  The primary goal is to increase visibility and enforcement.  The designs will be easy to see from a distance and per our governing documents staff will not issue them until confirmation of proof of payment of the annual assessment. 
  • Entrance Sign Project.  The project is now getting started with several committed community volunteers.  The draft concept is "Crystal Lakes - Private Mountain Community."  Volunteers are needed to help with the design, materials, and cost estimates. 
  • Guard Shack.  It was determined that the old guard shack was unsafe so a new one is being procured.  It will be placed near the Wapiti Center on Tami Road. 
  • Additional items are being "dusted off" or procured such as security vests, vehicle markings, etc.  

Remember, security is everyone's responsibility.  Please contact the Manager if you would be willing to volunteer for the Security Committee or if you are interested in a paid position.  Volunteering doesn't have to be a chore-two hours every couple of weeks will go a long way to ensuring that Crystal Lakes is safe and enjoyable.

What is a Quorum and Why is it Important?


A quorum is the minimum number of owners who must be at a meeting before business can be transacted. State law tells us that the minimum number for our Association is 50 property owners in good standing for the Annual Meeting. Meetings that don't have a quorum must be adjourned and rescheduled at a later date. This costs the Association money and creates more work. And, achieving a quorum at a second meeting-if we couldn't get one the first time-is even harder. So, why bother to try again? Because the Board is legally obligated to conduct an Annual Meeting. It's an important part of conducting Association business. Last year we barely made the quorum with 52 members.  Please, mark your calendar and join us on June 10, 2017 at 2pm for the Annual Meeting and Budget Ratification.  At the meeting, you will hear the State of the Association, 2017 Budget, Ballot Results, Committee Updates, Owner Education, and Outstanding Volunteer of the Year.  You can ask questions during the Member Forum and you will be treated to a free spaghetti dinner thanks to the members of the Recreation & Hiking Committee.  See you there!

The Essentials of Community Association Management


Congratulations to Randy Roberts, Community Association Manager, for recently completing his M-100 training class.  Successful community management starts with the essentials and this class provided all that and more including roles and responsibilities of managers, owners, committees and the Board; management ethics; developing, implementing and enforcing rules; organizing and conducting Board meetings; preparing budgets and funding reserves; assessment collection policies and procedures; collecting delinquent payments; financial statements, reporting methods and operations; evaluating risk management and insurance programs; implementing maintenance programs; preparing bid request; recruiting, selecting and managing personnel; etc.  Successful completion of the M-100 is the first step toward earning the Certified Manager of Community Association (CMCA) credential which is a requirement for our Manager.

Colorado Rain Barrels

In 2016, House bill 16-1005 was passed to legalize residential collection of rainwater in Colorado.  Each household can have up to two rain barrels with 110 gallons of storage to capture and store precipitation.  Rain barrels can capture rainwater from roof downspouts and the water can only be used for outdoor purposes such as maintaining outdoor vegetation and washing off cabins and decks.  Homeowner Associations may not restrict residents from having rain barrels; however, they may adopt aesthetic requirements such as color limitations or visibility and placement guidelines.  The Board recently asked the Architecture Control Committee and the Policy & Documents Committee to come up with some aesthetic recommendations for the Board's approval.

Road Maintenance and Improvement Plan


Each year in April, the Board asks the Manager to submit a Road Maintenance and Improvement Plan for the Board's approval.  The plan outlines the maintenance priorities for the upcoming season as well as improvement projects as time permits.  The Board asked the Manager to communicate the plan to property owners by posting it on the Crystal Lakes website.

Memorial Day Breakfast


The traditional Memorial Day breakfast, a free event for property owners and their guests, will be held on Saturday, May 27th at 9:30 am (following the CLVFD Flag Raising Ceremony at 9:00 am).  The event marks the start of the summer season in Crystal Lakes and it will be held in the Community Center.  Seasoned property owners will remember that this is a traditional event for Crystal Lakes as it was the start of Summerfest.  Please join us for a feast of pancakes, ham, egg bakes, and fruit.  Special thanks to the volunteer members of the Recreation & Hiking Committee for sponsoring the event.  

Recent Board Decisions

  • Increase the limit on the Manager's debit card from $2,500 to $5,000 providing there is good accountability, timely reconciliation, and an opportunity for the Treasurer to review the charges and coding.Invoice W&S for $162.72 which represents one half of the fuel used in February 2017 for the two shared vehicles.
  • Invoice W&S for $70 for Fuel Tank Fee for February 2017.
  • Refund $460 due to lot consolidation to property owner 11114A.
  • Refund $425 due to lot consolidation to property owner 06048B.
  • Refund $460 due to lot consolidation to property owner 02053A. 
  • Approve the revised Beaver Meadows Endurance Ride proposal as presented.
  • Proceed with the hiring of a part time staff person for security from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
  • Approve the FY2017-2018 CLRRA Budget for presentation to property owners. 

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