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CLRRA Board of Directors Monthly E-Newsletter
June 2018

R&R Annual Meeting 


The R&R Annual Meeting will take place on Saturday June 9, 2018 at 2 pm in the Community Center.  The meeting will include a presentation of verbal and written reports, and official business will be conducted.  Registration will begin at 1 pm. There will be refreshments and door prizes at the meeting and a BBQ immediately following the meeting (graciously sponsored by the Recreation & Hiking Committee).  The BBQ will include pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, coleslaw, pickles, desert, wine and beer.  In accordance with our Bylaws, our quorum is 50 memberships in good standing and present at the meeting otherwise we must reschedule it and spend additional property owner money to notify everyone by mail.  We look forward to seeing you there! 

President's Report


Property Owners, this Holiday weekend is the busiest that I have ever seen in Crystal Lakes! We have more and more people coming to the mountain and as we grow we need to keep a few things in mind, the primary issue is that the action of even one individual can cause problems for the entire community. This weekend we had under age drivers, speeding, numerous near collisions, and one rollover, please ensure that you and your guests follow the 20 MPH speed limits in the community.  Additionally, many were fishing without passes, depleting the fish stock that we pay for.


As many of you are aware, one individual stuffed a satellite dish into the compacter causing it to short out requiring the use of an emergency on-call electrician at a cost of $700 plus the cost of driving two trucks to the dump, which brought our road work to a halt today.  If anyone knows who did this, please call the office.

This compacter is not open to the general public, it is for typical kitchen trash only and only for property owners.  If this abuse continues, we will have to increase security costs with funds we don't have, or discontinue the service.  Keep in mind you only pay $38 a month for all of the services provided in Crystal Lakes by the Road and Recreation Association.  I pay an average of $192/property to Larimer County a month for almost no service!

Our roads and CR 73 were in great shape on Friday, but there was so much traffic that by Saturday afternoon they were very badly damaged from all of the traffic.  We need even more road base, but funds are low.


Additionally, we had property owners yelling and demeaning staff and Board members whom were just trying to meet community needs.  This will not be tolerated; in many cases, staff are your neighbors and are hard-working individuals.  With this in mind, I have asked staff to identify these individuals and report them.  I will be seeking removal of privileges or a fine for the first report of this type of behavior and I will be seeking a restraining order for any subsequent abuse.  Regardless of the type of problem you encounter, your recourse is to contact a board member (politely), write a letter, or send an email detailing your problem, or better yet come to a meeting and bring up the problem.


The pancake breakfast hosted by recreation committee was a huge success with about 200 people attending.  Thank you to all of the volunteers the made this event possible.

On another note, the Water and Sewer meeting and their cheese and wine party were well attended.

These are the kind of atmospheres we want to foster in Crystal Lakes!



Cheryl Poage


Shared Employees


As of May 19, R&R and W&S no longer share any employees, the result of W&S's decision to move their operations.  Please understand that R&R employees can no longer answer any W&S questions or resolve any W&S issues and they will refer you to W&S when asked.  Property owners can contact W&S via phone (970-834-3488 for orders, 970-282-1071 for the W&S Office) or email (, or  The new address for W&S is 241 Blackfoot Road.

Fire Pit Update


The CL RR Board mandated re-inspections of previously approved fire pits in 2015.  To date your CL Fire Pit Inspection committee has offered to re-inspect over half 0f these approved

fire pits.


This June we will be scheduling re-inspections for July 2018 in Filings 14 and 15.


The committee has developed a Self Inspection form  to be completed by owners prior to inspection.   By following these guidelines,  you will be assured of approval.  PLEASE do not

request an inspection without following the guidelines. 


We have revised the fee schedule this year to a Pass/ Fail model.  A Pass inspection will have no Fee while a Fail will incur a $25.00 Fee.  We hope this model will reduce Failures and re-inspections.


Please find attached your Owner Self Inspection Application for re-inspection and return it to the CL Road and Rec office by June 30, 2018.  Owners submitting applications on or before 

June 30d will remain approved pending inspection.  Late requests or no request will result in non-approval and no burning is allowed.  Late requests will be scheduled for August, 2018.


Please know that your CL Fire Pit Inspection committee is composed of all volunteers.  These

men and women donated their time and treasure doing this important work.  


I would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation in this important task to enhance fire safety in our community.




Bob Chesnut


Fire Pit Inspection Committee

Slash Depot Update


The slash depot opened last weekend and will continue to operate Saturdays and Sundays from 10-4pm until October, weather permitting.  We've had to make a few changes since Morgan Timber will no longer grind our slash. We plan to burn the multiple piles early next winter so we can no longer accept anything other than slash. In the past we had a separate pile for firewood and stumps but due to the cost of cleaning up the sight at the end of the year we will no longer be able a accept those items. Please help us keep this much needed service open by following the rules. Thank you

Message to Property Owners from John McGuire


To the residents and property owners of Crystal lakes, on behalf of the Crystal Lakes Road and Facilities we hope you enjoyed the beautiful Memorial Day weekend. We apologize for any slight inconvenience of the trash compactor. On Friday May 26th some individual placed illegal items in the compactor that the press was unable to handle, therefore blowing two fuses rendering the equipment useless. An electrician was brought in and fixed this issue. On Monday May 28th (Memorial Day), the compactor was full to capacity resulting in a forced shut down of operations. Most of our residents were understanding being that Red Feather Lakes, Crystal Lakes and the surrounding area had record breaking Memorial weekend of visitor's. Road and Facilities was not prepared for this amount of people, vehicles, and trash. We have a plan in place changing the pick up of the trash container to every 7 days, we are also discussing bringing in an additional roll off for the 4th of July weekend. Many residents here adhere to the rules of use for these amenities, a few do not care. As a community please remember if you see something say something.


Below is a photo of my squad from 2005 Iraq. This squad suffered a 60% death rate, and 100% purple heart recipients. On the designated day to celebrate the sacrifice my brothers gave to this beautiful country a few residents decided it was ok to talk down to, yell at, and berate the association staff. This behavior will not be tolerated. Instead of reflection and ceremonies for my fallen brothers, I was talked at by some as a second-class citizen, in fact one woman announced, "I paid my dues for this, I want a refund for my dues." To you, ma'am you have no clue what paying dues really means.



John McGuire

CLRRA Road Supervisor

Memorial Day Recreation Update


Another successful Annual Memorial Day Breakfast was held on Saturday, May 26, 2018, sponsored by The Recreation Committee. After an inspiring flag raising ceremony, approximately 200 friends and family joined each other in the Community Center for a delicious breakfast of pancakes, egg bakes, fresh fruit and cinnamon rolls. Thank you to the committee and volunteers who put this together, the men that cooked those delicious pancakes, the smiling servers, and all who pitched in to clean up after. So many positive comments from this event have been received and appreciated. Our next Recreation Committee event will be the Annual Road and Recreation Annual Dinner which will immediately follow the Annual Meeting on June 9th. The meeting will start at 2:00 pm followed by a BBQ dinner of pulled pork, beans and coleslaw. We look forward to seeing you again! 



Community Association Manager Thoughts


I would like to take this opportunity to summarize the past weekend's adventures. Unfortunately we had several unpleasant occurrences some of which were beyond our control.


I understand people's frustration with the trash compactor but you must also understand it initially went down due to someone placing items in it that it couldn't overcome. We spent a lot of money to have an electrician come up from Fort Collins to fix it and once it was running again we were completely overwhelmed with trash which required us to lock it up on the busiest trash day of the weekend. For that I apologize. We may need to look into adding capacity in the future however that comes at a cost and as you know we are on a shoestring budget. At some point I feel proper owner's need to face reality and agree to fully fund all of the services you seem to want.


After seeing the abuse of the compactor I may be forced to follow Glacier View's lead in locking down the compacter except for certain hours so what is being dumped can be monitored. We continue to see construction debris, mattresses, cabinets, furniture, satellite dishes and ashes dumped, all of which are fineable offenses. Doing so would be a huge inconvenience to everyone and would also add considerable expense to our operation so I implore you to report observed abuses to the office immediately. 


We had a fairly serious accident (rollover) as well as multiple instances of speeding, underage drivers, improperly marked atv's and folks fishing without a current pass. All of this adds cost to our budget as we attempt to keep this a safe and pleasant place to enjoy the mountains.


This Board of Directors is dedicated to enforcing our policies and covenants period!  I for one intend to follow up on every report of a violation in a fair and consistent fashion. I also will not tolerate belligerent behavior towards our employees. If you have an issue please bring it to the Board and whatever it is will be addressed rather than berating an employee who doesn't have the power to fix the issue. Being civil to one another shouldn't even have to be asked but after what I saw last weekend I am asking. 


I love our beautiful mountain community and honestly feel we have a small piece of paradise here. A community is only as strong as those volunteers and employees who are willing to step up and help keep it strong. We are always looking for volunteers for committee assignments etc., and I encourage everyone to find a space that you can help contribute to the fantastic place we all love.


Jim McConnell

Acting Association Manager CLRRA


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