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CLRRA Board of Directors Monthly E-Newsletter
June 2019


A Friendly Reminder


The new dues ballot has officially been mailed as of today 5/21/19. Please return your ballot as soon as you receive it.  This Board acknowledges the mistakes made with this process and has done everything possible to mitigate those mistakes. Board members are unpaid volunteers trying their best to keep our mountain community vibrant, safe and appealing and we realize that in spite of our best efforts not everyone will be pleased with our decisions. That being said, we are very optimistic and appreciative of the support received during this process and we are all looking forward to another great summer on the mountain. Crystal Lakes is a unique community that we are all fortunate to be a part of and with continued property owner input and support we intend to keep moving forward with the many difficult issues that naturally go with a community this complex. I look forward to seeing a lot of you at the annual meeting and I look forward to your participation in what we all know is a great place to be. Thank you, have a wonderful season in Crystal this year.


Jim McConnell 

President - CLRRA Board of Directors

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