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CLRRA Board of Directors E-Newsletter
February 2020

The President

CLRRA Board of Directors Candidate Interest

The CLRRA Board of Directors has five members that serve for two to three-year terms.  Candidates must be Crystal Lakes property owners in good standing.  The Board of Directors is authorized via the Bylaws to:

  • Transact all Association business, and make/amend rules for the regulations of the use of the Association's property.  The Board may appoint a manager and such non-elected officers and agents as it may deem necessary and may fix their duties and compensations.
  • Fix, impose and collect penalties for violations of the Declaration of Unified Covenants, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and rules of the Association.
  • Elect from the Board, a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Create, if necessary, the office of Assistant Treasurer and others deemed necessary and, appoint one or more persons who need not be members of the Association to such office.
  • Constitute and appoint committees and define the powers and duties of same.
  • Fill any vacancy in the membership of the Board from among the members to serve until the next election of directors.
  • Establish annual assessments which shall not be changed without a majority vote of the members voting by written ballot in accordance with CRS§38-33.3-303(a) which assessments together with other funds of the Association may be disbursed in such manner as the Board deems proper and, in accordance with these Bylaws and applicable statue.  
  • Establish any rules and regulations necessary to promote the health, civic and general welfare of the membership. 

At this time there are 3 Board member terms expiring at the end of May 2020.  Candidates interested in election to the Board beginning June 2020 are requested to submit resumes PLUS a Candidate Questionnaire to the R & R Basecamp Office by no later than February 28, 2020.

2020 - 2021 Budget 

The February Budget work session is scheduled for February 15, 2020 @ 1:00 pm at R & R Basecamp in the Wapiti Room. Keep in mind, these are work sessions and no property owner input will be solicited however this will give property owners a good idea of the process.  If you have concerns you would like the BOD's to take into consideration, please attend the R & R Board meeting at 10 am, same day or send in your written concerns to  by Thursday February 15, 2020.


Dark Skies: 

Remember to be considerate of others when installing or operating exterior lights.  Crystal Lakes is an active participant in the Dark Skies program.  Flood light shields shall exist and shall not provide illumination above a horizontal level; No dusk to dawn lights (recommend using motion lights with timers); Turn off any outside light that is not being used.  Please take this time to survey your property and make sure all your exterior lighting is in compliance with the Crystal Lakes Architectural Requirements Section 15. Exterior Lighting. In addition, please make sure your lights are not affecting others as stated in the Architectural Requirements Part III - Other Factors Related to Lot Development and Living in Crystal Lakes Section 5. Nuisance.  For a complete copy of the Crystal Lakes Architectural Requirements, please visit the official Crystal Lakes Road & Recreation Association website,

CLRRA is enforcing our dark skies policy by sending letters to property owners who have been reported to have lights outside the policy. We send a letters to those reported and only send fine letters if the intitial letters are ignored.

Broadband Update


Commissioner Kefalas along with Representatives from Larimer County Pamela Marcus-Bause, PMP Project Manager and USDA Sallie Clark State Director reported on the Larimer Broadband: Everywhere is Somewhere Initiative. 

Larimer County understands over 25% of the rural areas are underserved with connectivity and broad band.   Also, rural development is essential for internet.  While Larimer County is not planning to build/operate a broadband utility, there are vital gears in motion to identify possibilities to fill infrastructure and service gaps -and to be ready for those opportunities.  One of the vital parts of this initiative is to identify speeds.  Many coverage maps identify an area as being serviced but in reality many areas are underserved or not served at all.  How to test these speeds for service is a major topic currently in talks.  Stay tuned.


Recreation Committee Report  January 2020


Chairpersons:  Sue Chesnut Cheryl Beavers


The new year brought a busy and fun month for the committee and community.  January 11th was our first Saturday get together of the month. We had approximately 25 people gather to share snacks, conversation, laughs and cards. January 18th was our first potluck of the new year with 40+ people sharing great comfort food.  January 25th was our first Bingo event hosted by Bryon and Sharon Fesslor who organized, set up and ran a very successful event.  Approximately 50 community members attended and we all enjoyed ourselves in the new event. Special thanks to Bryon and Sharon for putting this together and also Gilded Goat Brewery who donated the fun prizes. This event is scheduled for every month on the 4th Saturday of the month. Donations are accepted for prizes.

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