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September 2017
CLRRA Board of Directors Monthly E-Newsletter

President's Corner


Happy autumnal equinox, where day and night are each about 12 hours long, or more eloquently stated in The Old Farmer's Almanac: "Of autumn's wine, now drink your fill; the frost's on the pumpkin, and snow's on the hill." Enjoy the beauty of Crystal Lakes and the silent explosion of yellow, orange, and red this time of year. You won't be disappointed. This month brings several updates. First, the Board wants to congratulate the CL Fire Protection District and the CL Volunteer Fire Department on the successful remodel of their fire station. Second, we received notice from the Forest Service that they were going to decommission the illegal OHV routes near Crystal Lakes. We asked them to hold off until we can meet with them. Third, Crystal Lakes is hiring and you can find more information in the View or from the Manager. Finally, the Board approved some goals for FY2017-2018.  Please see the below article for more information. Happy (early) Halloween!



Bryon Fessler, CLRRA President




The slash depot will be closed for the season at the end of business on October 1st.  Please plan accordingly.

Fall Prescribed Burn Update from the U.S. Forest Service

The Forest Service enjoyed meeting community members on Sept. 17, 2017, to discuss the Red Feather Prescribed Burn. To date, 1,513 acres of the project's 4,348 acres have been burned. Staff looks forward to continuing discussions with residents and appreciates those who came out on a Sunday to learn
more. The Red Feather Prescribed Fire is expected to begin as soon as early October and continue throughout the fall as conditions allow. These conditions include appropriate fuel moisture, weather forecast and staffing - just to name a few. Information about the prescribed burn is available online at and is updated when burning is taking place. You can also call our recorded information line at 970-498- 1030, email to get added to our daily notification list, or follow us on Twitter at @usfsclrd to stay updated. Along with work on public land, it is important for you to do wildfire mitigation efforts on your own property. To learn more, check the Colorado State Forest Service's website at


CLRRA Board of Directors Goals for FY2017-2018

The Board of Directors recently approved the following goals:


Goal #1 - Enhance our long-standing commitment to the protection of property values, community upkeep, and community activities. Objectives:

  • Devote more time and attention to community roads and maintenance.
  • Enforce our rules and regulations in a fair and consistent manner.
  • Install a community playground in partnership with the Community Fund. 
  • Improve the water flow into Snoopy Pond to protect the fishing habitat.  
  • Perform a security assessment and implement additional security measures.
  • Develop a preventative maintenance program for our equipment. 
  • Implement a safety program focused on reducing our workers' compensation claims.

Goal #2 - Improve our communication, collaboration, and service to our property owners. Objectives:

  • Conduct annual surveys on topics of importance to property owners. 
  • Develop a communication strategy to provide more effective communications. 
  • Expand our use of technology in operations to improve service delivery.
  • Collaborate with state and county officials on areas of mutual interest.
  • Implement a records retention program for our paper and electronic records.
  • Revise our Architectural Controls and link them to our governing documents. 

Goal #3 - Resolve long-standing issues that affect our staff and property owners. Objectives:

  • Establish a task force to identify OHV access to the national forest. 
  • Revise the Crystal Lakes map and offer advertising options to help pay for it.
  • Reduce our deferred maintenance by 75% by 2020. 
  • Conduct long-range planning and revise our twenty-year reserve plan as needed.
  • Finalize road use agreements for properties outside of Crystal Lakes. 
  • Continue to make full reserve contributions based on a reserve study. 
  • Maintain appropriate controls and governance to protect our financial resources.

Steak Fry 2017

September's Annual Steak Fry was held Saturday, September 16 at Crystal Lakes
Community Center. 125+ community members attended the well-liked event. Jack Watson
was once again our treasured "Grill Master". Nobody does it better than Jack! Really, who
would even grill 125 steaks?! It was a delicious meal. A lot of fun was had by being in a
"Wanted" poster with a moustache on! You will be able to check out some of those hilarious
photos on the bulletin board in the Community Center, thanks to Sue Chesnut. Annually, this
seems to be the last time we see our Snowbirds until next summer. If you weren't able to
attend this year, check it out next year! A HUGE thank you to all our volunteers who help make
this event. Sponsored by The Recreation and Hiking Committee.
Terri Meadows



Community Association Fundamentals


Community Associations Institute (CAI), a national membership organization that represents common-interest communities like ours, developed 10 basic principles that answer three essential questions: What is the basic function of a community association? What are the essential obligations and expectations of homeowners? What are the core principles that should guide association leaders?

  1. Associations ensure that the collective rights and interests of homeowners are respected and preserved.
  2. Associations are the most local form of representative democracy, with leaders elected by their neighbors to govern in the best interest of all residents.
  3. Associations provide services and amenities to residents, protect property values and meet the established expectations of homeowners.
  4. Associations succeed when they cultivate a true sense of community, active homeowner involvement and a culture of building consensus.
  5. Association homeowners have the right to elect their community leaders and to use the democratic process to determine the policies that will protect their investments.
  6. Association homeowners choose where to live and accept a contractual responsibility to abide by established policies and meet their financial obligations to the association.
  7. Association leaders protect the community's financial health by using established management practices and sound business principles.
  8. Association leaders have a legal and ethical obligation to adhere to the association's governing documents and abide by all applicable laws.
  9. Association leaders seek an effective balance between the preferences of individual residents and the collective rights of homeowners.
  10. Association leaders and residents should be reasonable, flexible and open to the possibility and benefits of compromise

Annual Craft Fair 2017

The Annual Labor Day Craft Fair was held Sunday, September 3 at Crystal Lakes
Basecamp. Hundreds of local community members attended the event. There were 30+
vendors displaying their exceptional crafts. Many unique items were available for sale.
Vendors and Customers were very pleased with all their sales and purchases. We have such an
abundance of talent on our little mountain. Food sales went extremely well, selling out of
everything! If you weren't able to attend this year, we hope you can next year. It's always the
Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. See you next year! Sponsored by The Recreation & Hiking
Terri Meadows

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