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Crystal Lakes Road and Recreation Association

Board of Directors Monthly Newsletter

July 2020

The information in this newsletter comes directly from your elected Board of Directors. We want to hear from you and we promise to listen. You can email the entire Board at or by position, as follows:


Bryon Fessler, President (

Lala Jacoby, Vice President (

Steve Dirmeyer, Treasurer (

Ken Nickson, Secretary (

Cheryl Poage, Member at Large (

From the President

Here are some of my abbreviated comments from our first Board meeting as a new Board:


I want to start my tenure as President by thanking the staff. They work hard, they treat each other with respect, and they accomplish amazing things. Thank you, thank you very much to our wonderful staff. I also want to thank my fellow Board members who are volunteering their time and talent to serve the property owners of the Crystal Lakes Road & Recreation Association. I want to remind all of us to put the community first. We have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of the entire Association and we must never forget that. I want to thank all the volunteers on our Committees. Crystal Lakes would not be the magical place that it is without the help of all our wonderful volunteers so thank you!


I had a chance to debrief with former Presidents Jim McConnell and Cheryl Poage a few days ago. We discussed several issues and it gave me a good sense of what has been done and what is still left to do. The biggest takeaway from these meetings is the need for the Board and the Manager to work as a team, to trust one another, and to fulfill our unique roles. The Board is responsible for setting policy and expectations. The Manager is responsible for carrying out that policy and accomplishing the day-to-day operations. We must remember that going forward.  


To be successful, we must work as a team, be prepared to meet our obligations, stay positive, and support each other and the Manager. When you see a turtle sitting on top a fence post, you know it did not get up there by itself. That is probably not the best team analogy, but you get the point…turtles do not climb fence posts by themselves.  


When problems arise and they inevitably will, how we choose to handle them will ultimately determine if our community moves forward or gets stuck in the famous Crystal Lakes mud. We must renew our commitment to listen more than we speak, to communicate clearly and often, to be more transparent, to provide outstanding customer service, to spend the people’s money wisely, and to be open and empathetic to our fellow property owners. We are here to serve them and not the other way around. We want to hear from property owners and we promise to listen. Honest breeds trust.


So let’s get started…


Bryon Fessler, CLRRA President

Security and Rule Enforcement

The second and third most talked about topics from the recent Property Owner Survey were “Security” and “Rule Enforcement.” This has been an ongoing problem for decades with many property owners saying that this spring/summer is the worst that they have ever seen. Naturally, property owners turn to the Board for answers and that is the point of this article. The Board has taken a four-prong approach to security and rule enforcement that includes contract security, staff, volunteers, and property owner education. First, the Board contracted with CODE 4 Security Services to patrol the community from Memorial Day to Labor Day at a cost of $17,975. The contract calls for staggered hours and patrols with 30 hours onsite during a holiday week and 20 hours onsite during a normal week. The Board and General Manager are working with CODE 4 to ensure that they fulfill the terms of the contract—weekly reports, check in/out with the Office, warnings until June 30th, violations starting July 1st, etc. Second, the General Manager and Fishing Attendant routinely look for violations. Third, the Board has recently resurrected the Safety and Security Committee and six property owners have already volunteered to serve. Please see the article in this newsletter for more information. Fourth, the Board and General Manager have increased their efforts to educate property owners on their responsibilities. The Guest Policies article in this newsletter is but one example. Another example is the Committee volunteers offering polite reminders this past weekend and discovering 35 property owner vehicles without valid stickers, 49 guests without passes, and 5 unregistered OHVs. Remember, security is a shared responsibility so please follow the rules that have been in effect for decades (e.g., vehicle stickers, guest passes, OHV stickers). Your actions enable our contract security, staff, volunteers, and fellow property owners to know who is authorized to be in our private community.

Guest Policies

With respect to guests, our policies are clear. For example, our Bylaws state that members shall provide their guests with permission letters, which include the guest’s name, dates guests may access the property, the Filing and Lot number, if guests may purchase guest fishing passes and shall include the owner's printed name and signature. Additionally, members and guests must comply with the current Fishing Regulations for guest privileges. Per the Administrative Policy, all of Crystal Lakes is private property, either owned by individual members or owned by the membership in common and controlled and managed by the association. Guests are those that have permission by a member or the association to enter and be on Crystal Lakes property. Any person or persons found within Crystal Lakes, not having member or Association permission or a legitimate purpose, will be reported as criminal trespassing per Colorado Criminal Trespassing Laws. Please see our website for more information (

Safety and Security Committee

Given all the issues that our Community is facing (e.g., trespassing, illegal fishing, shooting, unregistered OHVs, vehicles without stickers), the Board of Directors would like to resurrect the Safety and Security Committee and ask property owners to volunteer their time and talent to help the Community. This standing Committee has been around for decades but has gone dormant of late. The Committee utilizes volunteers, staff, and others to discourage trespassing by non-members and promote safety within the community, for property owners and guests, using non-confrontational means. Some of the Committee’s responsibilities include staffing the security check points, maintaining roving security check points throughout the subdivision, ensuring that all vehicles have member stickers or guest passes, and encouraging property owners and guests to comply with traffic safety and other regulations of the Association. We need property owner assistance and a team approach if we are going to be successful in tackling the issues that our Community is facing. Please email the Manager ( if you are interested in serving on this Committee. Thank you!

Property Owner Rights and Responsibilities

As a property owner in our Association, you have certain rights and responsibilities.


You have the right to...


  • A responsive and competent community Association.
  • Honest, fair, and respectful treatment by community leaders, general manager and staff.
  • Attend meetings, serve on committees, and run for election.
  • Access appropriate Association records.
  • Prudent financial management of fees and other assessments.
  • Live in a community where the property is maintained according to established standards.
  • Fair treatment regarding financial and other Association obligations, including the opportunity to discuss payment plans and options before the Association takes any legal action, and the right to appeal decisions.
  • Receive all rules and regulations governing the community Association--if not prior to purchase and settlement, then upon joining the community.


You also have the responsibility to...


  • Maintain your property according to established standards.
  • Treat Association leaders with honesty and respect.
  • Read and comply with rules and regulations of the community and ensure that your tenants and guest do too.
  • Vote in community elections and on other issues.
  • Pay Association assessments and charges on time.
  • Contact Association leaders or managers, if necessary, to discuss financial obligations and alternative payment arrangements.
  • Request reconsideration of material decisions that personally affect you.
  • Provide your current contact information to the Association so you receive all information from the community.

Results of June Board Meeting

The new Board hit the ground running. The June Board meeting lasted six hours as we had to tackle some tough issues. There were 6 Unfinished Business items and 16 New Business items. Here are some of the decisions that were made:


-         Agenda. The Board will endeavor to provide a more descriptive agenda so that property owners understand what the Board will be discussing at their meetings. The goal is to send out the agenda a week prior to the Board meeting.

-         Special Road Projects. The Board approved a Request for Proposal (RFQ) for two special road projects—Jicarilla Trail and Mosquito Drive. The RFQ will be posted on the website and sent to local contractors.

-         Covenants and Rules Enforcement Policy. State law from 2011 requires this policy, so the Board directed its creation. The new policy will include notice and hearing procedures and the schedule of fines. The Board is interested in a ladder approach to fines with the first level being a warning/courtesy letter plus damages, if applicable.

-         Trash Compactor Security and Illegal Dumping. The Board directed the Manager to implement a short-term fix that includes better security camera placement and a lockable cipher lock like the bathrooms and laundry facility. The combination to the trash compactor will be provided to property owners in good standing. A long-term fix will continue to be discussed.

-         Review of Governing Documents and Policies. The Board asked the Manager to send all the red-lined documents and legal reviews to the new Board for review.

-         Board Communications and Emails. The Board instructed the Manager to create Association email addresses so they can be passed to new Board members as they are elected to help with continuity of communications. Property owners can email the entire Board at

-         Board Goals for FY2020-2021. The Board has scheduled a retreat with the goal of producing goals and objectives for this fiscal year.

-         Live Streaming Board Meetings. The Board is investigating costs and equipment needed to live stream Board meetings.

-         Clarifying Duties of the Secretary. The Board explored ways for the Secretary to assist the Manager with some of the corporate duties including the notices of meetings, preparation of minutes, and other corporate records.

-         Summer Office Hours and Office Staffing. The Board passed a motion to change the Office Hours from Memorial Day to Labor Day as follows: Tuesday – Saturday (9-5), Sunday (9-1), and Monday (Closed). The change goes into effect on June 28, 2020.

-         Special Trash Day. The Board approved a special trash day for late August. This will be a free service to property owners.

-         Ad Hoc Wages and Salaries Committee. The Board reestablished this historical committee with the goal of producing a Compensation Study for the local area to determine if we are adequately paying our Office and Field staff or if there is a wage gap that needs to be corrected. The deliverable is due in November so that the information can be used by the Board during the budgeting process which starts in December. Please email the President at if you want to serve on this committee. We need a few property owners to assist us so please consider volunteering.

-         Administrative Assistant for the Manager. The Board approved the immediate hire of a part-time administrative assistant for the Manager with the expectation that this new staff member will attend and take minutes at all Board meetings and assist with the preparation of the agenda, board packets, violation notices, etc.

-         Staff Bonuses. The Board approved bonuses for our non-seasonal staff to recognize all their hard work and positive contributions to the Association and property owners. The one-time bonuses are up to $500 for full-time staff and up to $250 for part-time staff based on performance and at the Manager’s discretion.

-         Base Camp WiFi for Property Owners. The Board asked the Manager to obtain prices from CenturyLink to resurrect the WiFi for property owners at Base Camp. Many of our part-time property owners used to rely on this service, some sitting on the deck or in their cars after hours.

-         Property Owner Survey Results. The Board began analyzing the results of the recent survey. Special thanks to Duane Jacoby for helping the Board to identify the top 10 areas as follows: Road Maintenance, Security, Rule Enforcement, Fees, Attitude, Board, Office Hours, Fishing, Rentals, and Communication.

-         COVID-19 and Reopening the Community Center. The Board asked the Manager to research the latest guidance from Larimer County so that we can start reopening the Community Center.

-         Bathroom Refurbishment Project. The Board started the initial panning process for refurbishing the outside bathrooms in the Wapiti Center and the bathrooms inside the Community Center. These will be reserve projects and the Association has already saved the money to complete these projects.

-         Resurrect Safety and Security Committee. The Board would like to resurrect the Safety and Security Committee. Please see the article in this newsletter.

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