Deferred Maintenance

The Association continues to make significant progress on our deferred maintenance which, by definition, is maintenance and repairs that were not performed when they should have been. Two such areas are the basement of the Wapiti Center and the Maintenance Shop. Both areas are overdue for repair by as much as 15 years, according to our reserve specialist. Deferring needed maintenance and repairs indefinitely results in significantly higher costs to the Association and that is what we are experiencing with these two projects. The Board has been doing the necessary planning and it has taken hundreds of volunteer and staff hours to get to this point. The Board recently contracted with NeuMark Commercial Builders, LLC in Fort Collins for $503,131. The work will commence immediately and last approximately five months. The Association has the money in Reserves to pay for these projects thanks to previous Boards who made full reserve contributions according to the reserve study.  


The projects were originally estimated to cost between $350,000 and $400,000; however, that was two years ago when construction costs were much cheaper (e.g., concrete). Additionally, the County directed the Association to fix numerous code violations including the header in the basement that supports the main floor of the Wapiti Center, installation of ADA compliant bathrooms and ramps, concrete floor in the maintenance shop, asbestos abatement, water damage, unsafe electrical wiring, critter damage, etc. The bulk of the money will be spent on the maintenance shop and especially the second bay which was purchased from a property owner years ago and relocated to its current location. It has a dirt floor and no insulation, no heat and no running water or sewer. Several OSHA safety standards will also be fixed as part of the project. Additionally, both bays will receive a new metal roof as the current roofs were never joined correctly and water leaks down a wall on top of the only wall-mounted heat source. 

Wapiti Center

Includes the Manager's office, stairs, basement (kitchenette, committee meeting room, ADA bathroom, office and file room), ADA ramp, ADA parking spaces and all exterior doors.

CLRRA - Wapiti Center - Bid Set.pdf
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Maintenance Shop

Includes Bays 1 and 2 and the aprons in front of them. Bay 2 has a dirt floor, no heat and no insulation. There is currently no restroom facility.

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