Crystal Lakes Road & Recreation Association (CLRRA) Board of Directors

In addition to managing the extensive open space and common areas in Crystal Lakes, the Crystal Lakes Road & Recreation Association (CLRRA) provides road maintenance, snow plowing, trash removal from a central location, fish stocking, and coordination of other recreational activities.  The Association informs property owners about important issues and upcoming events via two electronic notifications, the weekly View and the monthly Newsletter. The Association's budget is generated by the assessment of annual dues on each improved or unimproved property.  


The CLRRA Board of Directors meets monthly in open forum at the Wapiti Center.  Directors are elected by mail-in ballot sent to all members in the Spring of each year. The Association also holds an Annual Meeting for members on the second Saturday in June each year.  The term expirations for the Directors occur at the annual meeting for that respective year.  


You can email the CLRRA President at

Jim McConnell - President

Term Expires 2020

Cheryl Poage - Vice President

Term Expires 2021

Steve Dirmeyer  - Treasurer

Term Expires 2022

Bob Chesnut  - Secretary

Term Expires 2020

Lala Jacoby - Member at Large

Term Expires 2021                                                  (Board appointed to serve until next Board Candidate Elections in 2020)

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