Special Notices

Revised AOIs and Bylaws

The Board is seeking your approval for the proposed amended and restated Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. The revised documents are intended to bring the Association's governing documents up to current industry standards and into compliance with applicable law. For example, we need to remove outdated provisions; increase the quorum requirements for property owners meetings to increase property owner involvement and participation in decision making; provide proxy voting consistent with Colorado law; include provisions for electronic and telephonic participation in meetings; prohibit the compensation of directors; include express authority for property owner participation in Board meetings; and include provisions regarding property owner access to the Association's books and records.
The Board has decided to conduct a vote on this matter by mail and you will receive a Ballot to cast your vote in the next week or so. Please cast your vote and return your Ballot to the Association no later than 5 pm on April 30, 2021. You can return your Ballot via mail, hand delivery, or via email to ballot@crystal-lakes.org. Please insert your filing and lot number and sign and date your Ballot. By law, this is not a secret ballot. We have enclosed a self-addressed envelope for your convenience (note postage is needed).
Feedback and Answers on the Draft AOI an[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [172.5 KB]

Board Vacancies

Two Board Vacancies. Serving on the Board of Directors is a valuable and rewarding experience and comes with a fiduciary duty to the other members of the Association. Board members must act in good faith and in the best interests of the Association as a whole (and avoid any conflict of interests), be informed prior to acting, not take any actions without proper authority, and not take negligent or willfully harmful actions. The Board will have two vacancies in June, and we need members who are willing to help run the community by serving on the Board to submit their candidate questionnaires and resumes to the Manager by 5 pm on February 28, 2021. We will schedule a Zoom Q&A with all of the candidates in March and property owners will be able to freely ask any questions they like. Please contact the President at clrrapresident@crystal-lakes.org if you have any questions about serving on the Board of Directors.

Candidate Questionnaire-Official.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [13.8 KB]

COVID-19 Precautions

A few changes have been implemented in order to do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19:

  • Plexiglass has been installed in the main office.
  • Mask are required to be worn by all members/guests.
  • Only 1 member and 1 guest will be allowed in the office at one time. 
  • Masks and gloves will be worn by staff.
  • Hand sanitizer will be supplied.
  • The path to the office is clearly marked adhereing to the 6 feet distancing per person.
  • You will enter the office through the main enterance door.
  • You will exit the office through the Wapiti double doors.
  • Membership services such as laundry facilities and the restrooms have restrictions. We are asking to please adhere to the advice of only one (1) person in each facility at a time. 
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