W&S decided to move their operations into their building effective June 1, 2018. R&R has several decisions to make as a result of W&S’s decision and that was the focus of the recent town hall meeting. We created a transition team made up of Board members from both Associations to identify joint issues that must be discussed and agreed upon. Issues are broken down into seven categories including timing, shared equipment, shared contracts, shared personnel, shared expenses, shared work, and other issues. R&R must retain a licensed CAM according to state law. In the search for the most beneficial management option, Board members are evaluating part-time and full-time CAMs; changing insurance policies; revising payroll and benefit practices; streamlining operations and reducing workload. 


The W&S decision to move their operations provides R&R with the opportunity to put the “Road” back into “Road & Recreation.” R&R needs three full-time field staff to work on roads, facilities, equipment, etc. For years, these personnel were split 50/50 with W&S and recently the split was changed to 33/67 when the overhead fee went into effect. The R&R Board recently created a new Road and Facility Supervisor position, a working supervisor, who reports to a designated Board member and who coordinates with the CAM on payroll, purchasing, contracting, work orders, etc. but is not responsible for these functions. 


The financial impact of W&S’s decision to R&R property owners is unknown; however, we do know that W&S no longer pays R&R the $35,000 annual overhead fee as their employees will not use any R&R facilities or equipment. Additionally, W&S no longer contributes $110,000 to R&R for salaries and wages as they will no longer share 50% of the CAM and Office staff and 33% of the Field staff. The R&R Board has some serious business decisions to make in order to best meet the needs of the property owners going forward.

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