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December 2017

CLRRA Board of Directors Monthly E-Newsletter

President's Corner


Manager Search

The Joint Boards authorized Westwind to initiate advertisement for a new community manager at the November meeting. We anticipate interviewing new applicants by mid-December, as we hope to have a new person before the end of December. While the state requires a certified community association manager, we are also looking at individuals with exceptional management skills that can transition into the certification process. Crystal Lakes is a large, remote, and complex community and we hope to find a competent individual to work with us.

Randy has done an outstanding job in this position and he will be greatly missed, he has so much knowledge to share that we hope to have someone ready to step in before his departure. Randy came into a situation where there were no employment policies and practices, as HMI mandated that all employees were theirs and provided no assistance when their contract was terminated. Randy, we appreciate your efforts for a job well done!

Mitigation Grant Status

Morgan Timber has completed work on Filing 13 Tract E open space, the road into the site has been leveled, reseeded and closed.  The Forester, Matt Tobler, has done some cleanup work on the bank next to Osage, and we will have to see how the access that was created comes through the winter and spring.

Next spring work will start on Filing 13 Tract F and work on Filing 13 Tract J and Filing 12 Tract A will be evaluated. Morgan Timber did not bid on these but will evaluate work that he feels he can complete within the time frame of the grant.



Entrance Sign

DaVinci Sign Systems, Inc. has been awarded the sign project in Crystal Lakes. The main entrance sign has been funded by the Crystal Lakes Community Fund Association and the CLRRA is funding two smaller signs, one for basecamp and one for Huron, replacing damaged signs.

There has been a delay in starting the project as DaVinci requested approval to change the foundation design that was submitted to the county for the building permit.  The CLRRA Board approved the request with the stipulation that DaVinci provide the engineering and cover any additional costs charged by Larimer County.

Bear Creek Development has graciously offered to allow the entrance sign to be placed on their property adjacent to Creedmore Lakes Road just south of Menominee Circle.



Facility Improvements

Recently, the Board approved repairs for safety reasons to the electrical systems in the basecamp facility and other repairs to the maintenance buildings; additionally, a request for quote was approved to develop a scope of work and design documents that will be necessary to allow CLRRA to issue a request for quote for work on the maintenance buildings. These facilities have been in serious need of repairs for years and will be funded through our capital reserve funds.

I appreciate your support as I take over as President and encourage you to contact me with questions or concerns at, Cheryl Poage.

Change in CLRRA Leadership


On October 27th, Bryon Fessler decided to step down as President of the Board and Cheryl agreed to switch positions with him.  The change was made official by a unanimous motion at the Board meeting in November.

 CLRRA Committee Update


All of the CLRRA Committee's need to update their members list for the coming year.  Each Committee needs to also update their documents if needed to make sure that they are current.  For the up coming year the Board would also like to have a monthly report even if there is nothing to report.  You can either come in person to the Board Meeting or email your report to the Office Manager so that it can be included into the monthly agenda.  This report can keep property owners updated of any up coming events or work dates needed during the year.  ( Greenbelt clean up, Beaver river dam management, Canadian Thistle  spraying or special hiking dates ).  We can also include these dates into the weekly CL News.

National Forest Access


At the Board meeting in October, the Board tried to schedule a meeting with the owners of Bear Gultch Tracks 10, 11, and 12 with respect to National Forest access through their properties. The idea was to sit down and bring these property owners up to speed on the legal research that the Association had accomplished. At the request of one of the property owners, that meeting did not take place and it was agreed to forward the research in writing to all the above property owners. That notification took place in early November. The Board promised to notify all property owners shortly thereafter and that is the purpose of this article.   


Association members have a right to travel via an easement through Tracks 10, 11, and 12 to access the National Forest by foot, bicycle, and/or horse. The above owners cannot restrict members of the Association from crossing their properties to access the National Forest and the Association will initiate legal proceedings to enforce its rights, if needed. In the future, the Association will have a survey conducted to map out the exact location of the easement. The Association has formally requested that the chain blocking access to the easement and signage be removed. The Association will replace the signs with appropriately worded signs (e.g., Access through easement to National Forest for CLRRA owners and guests only and only for foot, bike or horse use, no OHVs. Respect private property outside the easement area). The Association is willing to consider reasonable requests for the sign wording and is open to meeting with the above property owners.     


To be clear, there is no legal OHV access into the National Forest from anywhere in Crystal Lakes. The OHV Task Force will continue to research the issue and more information will be published as it becomes available. The Board would like to remind all property owners that dealing with Federal agencies takes time so please be patient. Questions should be addressed to the OHV Task Force and/or Manager.  

Financial Update


Our association is in great financial health!  We are exceeding our budget with revenues higher than anticipated and expenses below budget.   Great news so far, but we are expecting some headwinds this winter that will reduce this favorability.     We will continue to prudently manage expenditures to stay on budget!


The board and our great office team continue to focus on some key projects to improve our financial health:

  • One big project is focusing in our past due accounts.  We reduced this by $10k in our last reported month and expect continued progress this winter.  Our goal is to cut this in half by end of this fiscal year and we are on track! 
  • Another project is completing the audit of our association's 2016/2017 fiscal year financials. This work is almost complete and we expect to review the final report in our December board meeting.  
  • Lastly, we are in the process of beginning to craft the budget for 2017/2018.  We look forward to gathering your input over the next few months.
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